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Sunday, February 13, 2011

i think a lot about you

requested by anonymous!

margo was the very first doll i posted on blowupdoll back in november 2004. for those of you who are not familiar with margo; she is a singer/songwriter from the late 60's who wrote songs you may already be familiar with- 'i think a lot about you' (mama cass), 'i don't intend to spend christmas without you' (claudine longet), 'think of rain' (astrud gilberto and claudine longet). margo has an amazingly gorgeous voice that turns twee notions of love into some great psyche influenced productions.

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5 comment(s):

I never heard this song as it is not on Take a picture or 25 Demos. Thanks for sharing it with Mordi!

By Anonymous Bombong, at 13 February, 2011 21:11  

I was that anonymous requesting the song : thank you indeed !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 February, 2011 22:20  

hey mordi, haven't checked in on the blogging world for a while, so thought i'd say hi. glad to see your blog still going ;). love margo - and you for introducing me to her!

By Anonymous spikedcandy, at 14 February, 2011 14:46  

how bloody marvy to hear from you.
hope you are doing ok - you are much missed.


By Blogger mordi, at 14 February, 2011 16:33  

Never heard anything again of the Clothilde release by Born Bad Records. The article mentions early next year. That should be the beginning of 2012, which is now. The Born Bad website doesnt give any information.

By Anonymous Bombong, at 15 January, 2012 14:35  

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