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Sunday, January 23, 2011

picture post - sunday

this week i will be posting some ace rare pictures sourced from a 1968 copy of mademoiselle age tendre for you to enjoy (just click the pic to enlarge).
this song is from 1969 and is the italian version of 'les gens bien elévés' from the 'homme tout petit' e.p.

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Honestly, I just came across this blog on hypem, and I cant believe the concept of your blog. Its genius! I cant believe there is a whole community of people into yeye as much as I am. I'm definetly linking you. Check my blog out
its fycasfb.blogspot.com
I'm just starting but I ultimately want to post all types of pop, including yeye girls such as Sylvie Vartan. I'm just starting, but Id love some comments!

By Blogger Cristobal, at 24 January, 2011 03:34  

i tried to leave a comment on your blog- but it was too complicated to leave a comment!

i love sky ferriera too!

By Blogger mordi, at 24 January, 2011 09:45  

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