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Friday, January 28, 2011

picture post - friday

pictured here with jacques dutronc (don't worry, francoise gets' 'married' to someone else tomorrow!). an alternative version to teenie weenie boppie, infact it's an early example of a mash up! lyrically it's the same as serge gainsbourgs bloody jack. it remained unreleased until 2003.

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5 comment(s):

Ha ha!
"Blou-di Jack"!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 January, 2011 17:50  

Thanks for posting this.
Some great pictures recently too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 January, 2011 12:02  

Cool! I just bought the same issues of Salut les Copains!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 February, 2011 16:57  

*super late response on this image...* Do you happen to know why Jacques has his hand all wrapped up? Or is it just... picture...

By Blogger franzfergidon, at 01 September, 2013 21:54  

i've no idea why! time for someone to do some research.....!

By Blogger mordi, at 02 September, 2013 13:02  

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