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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

little star - wednesday

this was the follow up song to 'terry'- again she wrote it herself inspired by a personal experience. at the time her boyfriend was in the bachelors and sitting alone in her hotel room looking across to the theatre were they were performing that night - their name up in lights, she created this song about a girlfriend who didn't become a groupie to her pop star boyfriend. a minor hit, it made the top 20 in 65.
this song was passed along to chantal goya who recorded her own wonderful version entitled 'dans la nuit'.

if you've enjoyed the past few posts- i'd highly recommend the 'golden lights' cd- containing all twinkles recordings including her later 70's work which are equally as good (but with a glam edge).

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Good idea this Twinkle retrospective.
She's really charming.
Thanks !

By Blogger Infrason, at 12 January, 2011 17:34  

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