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Friday, October 22, 2010

rare france gall

after posting the marianne cover of 'a bientot nous deux', i then realised france gall had also covered it! view it here. amazing.
am i right in thinking this song isn't on vinyl or cd? so has anyone got an mp3 version? or can anyone make a good copy from youtube?
UPDATE - look in the comments for an mp3 from Gee!

6 comment(s):

If no one else can do it, I can turn it into an mp3 for you. :)

By Blogger Melee, at 22 October, 2010 19:51  

Sending you a little something now, mordi. Hope it's OK.

By Anonymous Steven B, at 22 October, 2010 20:14  

Here it is, converted from YouTube:

Made me think of this other gem:
(skip to 02:00)

By Anonymous Gee, at 22 October, 2010 21:40  

YAY!!!! thanks guys!

and i have always loved 'dents de lait...'. i have an mp3 (probably taken from that video) but it's not great quality. it never made it to vinyl/cd did it?

By Blogger mordi, at 22 October, 2010 21:51  

I had heard the song sung by France first, her father actually wrote it (or co-wrote it). Thanks for the mp3 link, France never did put it on an album. ~Darby

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 October, 2010 22:13  

btw one good person uploaded full dents de lait, dents de loup show on youtube)
at least it looks full)

By Anonymous Leonard, at 25 October, 2010 11:26  

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