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Friday, October 22, 2010

delphine days - friday

does anyone have any information about the mysterious delphine? and if anyone has any other delphine songs, please get in touch.

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Wish I did. Didn't have this song, thanks!

By Blogger Mark, at 23 October, 2010 05:01  

salut Mordi,

don't miss Delphin's extraordinaire "La fermeture eclair / In the Past" on Ultra Chicks #5 or on Beat & Psychedlic Musiv from Belgium at http://discographypage.blogspot.com

thanks for your continuos effort and chiao from Italy

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 October, 2010 17:55  

This is as much as I could find out:

I bought that 'La Fermature Eclair' ('The Zip Fastener') re-release also. Coffin Joe from 'The Horrors' has the original - cost him £200!

By Blogger Will Kane, at 08 November, 2010 19:49  

Delphine (Bury)de Charleroi (Belgique).
La fermeture-éclair = In the past (Wayne Proctor) By We The People

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 June, 2011 09:17  

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