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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

new pics - katty line!

the sometimes groovy katty funks things up on this track.

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Katty Line alias Catherine Boloban is born the 13 march 1947 near Paris.
She had moved to Italy...nobody knows what she does now?
Anyway, she's an underrated singer!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 September, 2010 16:52  

i saw her as an old woman on a french prank show- she sat at a cafe while they pushed her car over a ledge.
not that funny but she looked old, grey and slightly glamorous!

By Blogger mordi, at 09 September, 2010 16:57  

That's one HUGE peacock in the picture!

By Anonymous Dom, at 10 September, 2010 20:06  

Amigo, podrias subir música de Katty Line a tu blog...


By Anonymous Bollo, at 27 February, 2011 03:21  

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