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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mordi the ripper

after a lot of hassle, this is my very first attempt at ripping vinyl to mp3!
what better way to start than with this often forgotten gem from 81.
let me know if it sounds ok.

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2 comment(s):

yeah it's sounds good.
Lyrics are so dumb "débile" ! :)


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 March, 2010 13:02  

The sound is ok.
The Joelle's voice is much better in her early career. Actually she sungs this hit at a sad state of mind. She died some month after in strange circumstances.
She was the femal member and lead voice of a famous successful pop band called "il était une fois" (once upon a time)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 March, 2010 10:22  

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