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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

chantal kelly week - wednesday

i really love this one - does anyone have a clearer copy?

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3 comment(s):

Sorry mordi, I have the same copy as this one. I probably got it from your good self a while back! :-D

Loving the other Chantal Kelly songs this week though. Marvy! ;-)

Have to thank you AGAIN for introducing me to the lovely lovely LOVELY Samantha Jones! Just had my 'Sam Leads the Way' CD in the post yesterday. Lovely stuff. She was brilliant - a shame she didn't have far more success...

And... of course, the way things go on the interweb, I searched out some Vernon Girls tunes and I loved them too! Even the ones which didn't have Sam on lead vocals. :-D

You're doing a superb job! Keep it up! :-)

By Anonymous Steven Brown, at 02 December, 2009 19:34  

so glad to know how much you enjoyed the sam jones music - if you find any gems you'll think i'll enjoy-please let me know!

By Blogger mordi, at 02 December, 2009 19:44  

They're ALL gems, mordi!

I'll email you something grooovy! ;-)

By Anonymous Steven B, at 03 December, 2009 20:48  

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