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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

gillian hills as... - wednesday

i will never tire of this song. thanks for dressing up gillian- i love you!

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I'm so in lovw with your blog. It's the highlight of the day for me!

By Blogger m, at 21 August, 2009 16:39  

awwww! thanks!

By Blogger mordi, at 21 August, 2009 16:58  

Gillian truly is a blow-up doll. About three weeks ago I watched the 1966 film 'Blow-Up'. In that film both Gillian hills and Jane Birkin play two model wannabes who pester a fashion photographer (David Hemmings) for a photoshoot. There's a wild scene in which all three end up tearing each others clothes off!

Thanks for these rare and cool pics of Gillian. Your web site, as always, is the best.

By Anonymous Kaltiki, at 28 August, 2009 15:40  

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