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Saturday, July 04, 2009

kiss kiss

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By Anonymous pierreu, at 04 July, 2009 17:48  

O wow, that's ace! Where did you find that?

By Blogger Davecat, at 05 July, 2009 02:59  

the ad is from mademoiselle age tendre, december 1967 no.38

By Blogger mordi, at 05 July, 2009 09:03  

You know there were rumours going around France at one time that Sheila was a man (to quote Tone-Loc)...

That's not the most feminine pout of them all, is it?
Dom L'Amour Electronique

By Blogger Dom, at 05 July, 2009 20:33  

poor sheila!

as for annie philippe - those lips could suck your face off.

but france gall surely has the best kiss x

By Blogger mordi, at 05 July, 2009 23:30  

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