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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

beatles week - wednesday

you can hear all the crackles of the vinyl on this which just adds to its rarity and marvyness. enjoy this fuzzed up and tripped out ode to george. (thanks to readysteadygirls)

2 comment(s):

Awwww, I've been meaning to do an irreverent Beatles related post for a while now, and you beat me to it [though I don't think you've gone for any of the songs I was planning on posting :) ]

this Charlotte Leslie one is sweet and dreamy...

keep up the good work.
Dom @ L'Amour Electronique

By Blogger Dom, at 20 March, 2009 12:04  

Please reload this to box.net again. This is my new favourite song in the world. Thanks so much for posting. I need to download again though.


By Blogger elvissey, at 19 June, 2009 16:34  

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