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Friday, September 26, 2008

wideo week - mylene

we really should talk about this video - not the best song ever but possibly the best video ever - amazing non?

3 comment(s):

Yes, that video was amazing. I'd see that movie! :-D

But the song...?

The song....??!!

You may be on the fence about it, but I found the song to be spot on: a ten out of a possible ten.

I just know that listening to this loudly while driving my MINI is going to lessen my MPG (miles per gallon) but increase my MPC (miles per coolness).

:-D Whoohoo!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 September, 2008 03:33  

This video is not available in your country. :(

EU, so sad!!!

By Blogger noisepress, at 30 September, 2008 21:55  

This is not her best video... The first ones (Libertine I & II, Sans Contrefa├žon, Ainsi Soit-il) are amazing.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 October, 2008 13:18  

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