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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

girl groups - wednesday

ohmygodilovetheorchids! they are possibly my most favourite girl group. i don't understand why a record label doesn't release an orchids compilation, including rare and unreleased songs - other obscure 60's girl groups have had one, why not these?

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7 comment(s):

Holy cow, they look young in that picture!

By Blogger Bill S., at 06 August, 2008 19:44  

they were young! - about 14 i think.

By Blogger mordi, at 06 August, 2008 20:06  

I was really hoping for The Orchids to show up this week... "Gonna Make Him Mine" was one of my first blowupdoll discoveries and still one of my very favorites of everything you've posted. I'm waiting for that compilation too--until then thank you for posting this!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 August, 2008 08:55  

Favourite eh?
Have you heard The Vernon Girls?
Try ANY! But especially the 'You Know What I Mean' 7"
" Boys are natural twisters... oooh, WHACK!"
All done with a strong Liverpudlian accent. Apparently the first group in sing with a noticeably regional accent. They are perhaps more well known for 'We Love The Beatles'.
"Ay... John's the gear!"

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 August, 2008 17:13  

i have heard of them but don't really know their music - but you make them sound great simon! so i'll check them out!

By Blogger mordi, at 16 August, 2008 18:13  

and isnt one of the vernon girls kim wildes mum?

By Blogger mordi, at 16 August, 2008 18:15  

Hmm... haven't heard that, but wouldn't surprise me. They started out as a huge group singing for Vernon's Football Pools... hence the name. But you've probably investigated that already. There is a now-deleted CD of their 'gear' and a couple of their 7"s are not too hard to find, particularly "You Know What I Mean", which is really the best anyway!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2008 16:00  

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