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Saturday, July 19, 2008

gillian hills week - saturday

love love love this song - one of the best 60's songs ever! love the picture too that i got from a copy of salut les copains

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Love it and love the photo. What a hottie. Very Anna Karena. (Karina?)

By Blogger Almie Clarissa Darling, at 19 July, 2008 22:12  

Indeed, a great track...and a great picture!

Do you have Jean-Marie Perier's two "Mes Annees 60s" volumes?

They're huge and chock full of his iconic photos from 'Salut Les Copains' and it's literal 'sister' magazine (it was run by his sister) 'Mademoiselle Age Tendre'.

By Blogger Will Kane, at 22 July, 2008 21:00  

thanks will- that sounds ace! but where i can buy it from in the uk?!

i think i really need it!

By Blogger mordi, at 22 July, 2008 23:24  

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