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Monday, January 07, 2008

clothilde - the complete collection

CLOTHILDE - L'INTEGRALE (link expired)
i lost track of where i was up to with the clothilde posts - so for ONE WEEK ONLY i give you her entire collection- including 8 french songs, 2 italian versions (big thanks to spiked candy for these) and the front and back covers of both e.p.s.
after this week i will not post any clothilde ever again...so get it now!

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9 comment(s):

thank you again for posting the entire collection. i lost the previous sound files. i'm going to be much more careful this time.

By Blogger jonjim1952, at 07 January, 2008 18:22  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 January, 2008 14:54  

excellent blog! i love Claudine Longet, and i think there are a lot of interesting albums here. Thanks for you great work and shares. You're automatically add!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 January, 2008 23:26  

Thank you for the complete collection !!! The Italian 45rpm was sold on ebay 1 month ago. Very expensive. However i was happy to see the sleeve at last !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 January, 2008 09:50  


I trolled through your whole site, getting them one by one, but there was still a couple missing, so...

thanks for re-posting!

I was one of the grovelers pleading for a re-up...

Happy New Year!

Marc (Canada)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 January, 2008 22:25  

Damnit. I was in a cave, and I've miss this incredible post.
Is there any way to get a second chance ?

By Blogger Paul Morel, at 16 January, 2008 14:06  

i too was in a cave (different one tho) and missed this post. please, please, will someone take pity on us hermits? make our return to society well worth it. and swinging.

By Blogger jos, at 17 January, 2008 00:01  

shoot i missed it...im such a big fan...and im missing two of them...arrrghhh

wonderful blog by the way...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 January, 2008 04:59  

I have just found this blog, so its too late to get this compilation. Merde! At least the 2007 Clothilde links are still up

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 April, 2008 19:39  

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