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Saturday, December 08, 2007

track no.8

italian version of her fab tune 'fallait pas...'

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2 comment(s):

the huh! bits in this song blow my mind.

could you do a clothilde round up post when you've posted all the songs, with a link to them all?

great stuff. please keep on keeping on!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 December, 2007 01:43  

Bonjour M. Mordi

Well, it took me a lot of time and digging (in all senses of the word) but I rounded up almost all of the great Chlotilde's work (mostly from your blog, with all the frustration of dead links!).

The only one I'm missing is "La vérité, toute la vérité" I think. And it's not on any comp that I have.

So, please, pretty please, make my day! Let Christmas come early!

Many thanks!

And many, many thanks for posting all the others!

Marc (Canada)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 December, 2007 19:44  

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