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Sunday, December 09, 2007

jolly hockeysticks

"the ASBOs, the chavs, the emos and their mates,
to torment the slags, we offer special rates
and if they complain, we'll do it all again
defenders of anarchy.

we are the best, so screw the rest"

with lyrics like this, it makes this one of their best songs ever!

7 comment(s):

Girls aloud is certainly the only Reality TV shaped band which manages to make good songs.

By Blogger Infrason, at 10 December, 2007 16:39  

Or perhaps THE best song ever? :-)

By Blogger matthew h, at 10 December, 2007 19:40  

Or perhaps a second rate cast off that wasn't good enough for the album?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 December, 2007 17:52  

...or perhaps you are just a stupid cunt.

By Blogger mordi, at 15 December, 2007 11:10  

i feel tempted to agree with matthew h... i think it's at least the best song of the year, tangled up probably being the best album of the 21st century.

By Blogger bryan x, at 17 December, 2007 11:39  

I agree with Mordi - this song is amazing ;)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 December, 2007 15:05  

It IS marvelous!! I thought it was a cover but wow they've got a killer song.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 December, 2007 07:26  

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