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Sunday, July 29, 2007

odd pic, great tune

to celebrate this brand new to the internet picture of fg- i give you my fave france song. (click for larger pic)

4 comment(s):

I just love that song too.. the texte, the voice, so romantic, everything so perfect.. so France ;-)
Bravo for your blog and the promotion of all these fab dolls !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2007 23:25  

The washed-out quality makes the pic that much more fab. Lovely song, too!

By Blogger Davecat, at 30 July, 2007 05:16  

I don't like the way that cat is leering at France Gall.

By Blogger matthew h, at 31 July, 2007 15:52  

The cat & mouse are Matouvu & Minizup. The 2 heros of a 60's french tv show for kids. They have a great song !!

The magazine is a million seller tv magazine in France. Maybe the most sold here in france.

Pardon my ugly english
& Greetings from sunny paris.

Dj Alfred Hitchcock magazine

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 August, 2007 15:41  

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