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Sunday, July 16, 2006

banana bam boo my shoe

baby voiced marvellousness. love it.
has anyone seen her film 'joanna'?

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This is Bijou Phillips' mom!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 July, 2006 16:28  

... and the wife of the late, great Papa John Phillips, who also produced this unbelievable gem. A labour of love, dot.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 July, 2006 11:33  

yes...! I remember "joanna" the film I saw in the late 60s. never saw it again. what happened to this picture? a very young donald sutherland was on "joanna"... the song theme was sung by scott walker I think... if I'm not wrong.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 July, 2006 02:39  

mordi, i forget if i've mentioned this, but i've been meaning to tell you to have a look at bijou phillips' myspace. she's now saying her mum's album is a big influence on her new work. most of it doesn't work for me, but there was one song i thought was quite good and did sound very genevieve.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 July, 2006 04:49  

i checked out bijous myspace- my god she sounds like her mum!

i've seen the film 'joanna' on ebay just a few times and i have always been outbid. i don't think genevieve sings in the film although it sounds like a trippy musical psychedelic mess!

By Blogger mordi, at 19 July, 2006 12:38  

😎'Banana Bam Boo Me Too!

By Blogger Unknown, at 08 September, 2020 09:41  

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