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Thursday, January 05, 2006

sugar her

surprisingly brilliant- what a perfect high pitched doll voice- a song that surely claudine should have covered.
click lynsey here

7 comment(s):

i have both of those songs!!!
so sexy and sad. love it!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2006 21:17  

i've been very pleasantly surprised by lynsey- she is clearly greatly influenced by girl pop and female singer songwriters.
just check out 'storm in a teacup' and 'ooh i do' for further proof!

By Blogger mordi, at 06 January, 2006 00:31  

happy new year mordi. this does surprise for sure. i'm still at a stage where i haven't heard many of the artists you post, (one of the reasons i keep coming back) but this is a fine work. lynsey's voice is soft, yet very precise. another great post.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 January, 2006 22:41  

wow - this song blew me away! yet another new favourite, thanks to you!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2006 09:27  

Excellent! This is the third LDP song I've heard ("Storm In A Teacup" and a cover of the Beatles' "Because" were the first two) that I really liked, so I guess it's time to track down her greatest hits album. And yes she does remind me of Ms. Longet (and Ms. Guryan too!) Happy new year BTW.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2006 09:54  

Amazing track! Happy New Year! Thank you as always! xo

By Blogger Cathy, at 08 January, 2006 02:29  

All you fans of Claudine should rush over here and fetch your suprise:


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2006 19:31  

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