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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

apply twice daily

no it's not a new thrush cream but a girl band from the late 60's. love.
click feminine complex here

6 comment(s):

excellent -- another nice pick

By Blogger bjr, at 01 November, 2005 23:53  

I bought a vinyl re-issue of thier lp once for only $3. I never gave it as much of a listen as I should have. You have inspired me to re-check it out! xo

By Blogger Cathy, at 02 November, 2005 07:31  

It`s one of the bonus tracks on the CD isn`t it. Great choice Mordi! It probably wasn`t on Cathy`s vinyl copy though!

By Blogger guapo, at 02 November, 2005 08:29  

I have the cd re-issue too! I never listen to that either. :(

By Blogger Cathy, at 02 November, 2005 19:01  

I love love love the Feminine Complex. I had never seen that photo of them in concert before. Wish I could have been there, but that would make me really old.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 November, 2005 21:55  

so soothing, i mean so good!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 04 November, 2005 03:10  

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