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Saturday, October 22, 2005

rule the school

how i adore the orchids: just look at them!
click the orchids here

Does anyone have any other songs by the orchids? I have: ooh chang a lang, love hit me and gonna make him mine. I'm sure there are more out there (soldier blue?) - can you help?

4 comment(s):

i have to thank you for getting me into this group. i love their nerdy schoolgirl image, it's so cute.

Their page on Spectropop
here has a good guide to all the songs they recorded. I'd love to hear the Ray Davies-written song 'I've Got That Feeling'. I'm in queue on soulseek for 'Soldier Boy' (recorded under the Exceptions) and I'll you know when I have it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 October, 2005 03:37  

I wish I had more tracks by the Orchids. All I have is Love Hit Me and Mr. Scrooge. You should totally post Ooh Chang a Lang and Gonna Make Him Mine someday.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2005 15:48  

with the nerdy schoolgirl look that they have, The Orchids look like 90% of the indie-punk girls of today, most of whom (sad to admit it) are "cool nerds" themselves.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 October, 2005 01:54  

Wow! These girls are great, thanks so much for sharing.

By Blogger Helen, at 13 November, 2005 13:46  

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