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Sunday, October 09, 2005

ouuuuui !

the new serge and jane?
or bertrand burgalats friend and lios sister?
click katerine et helena here

5 comment(s):

Hilarious. Philippe Katerine is a genius!

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 10 October, 2005 16:31  

what is this great picture from?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 October, 2005 00:32  

Why, it's taken from Philippe Katerine's website: www.katerine-website.com

By Blogger Guuzbourg, at 11 October, 2005 12:04  

Okay okay, it's funny :) But I still miss the Katerine of the 90s - our Oscar Wilde in pop. Afterwards he turned...well rather Bukowski, to stick to the literary analogy. On his last album he is euro trash with a bizarre twist all the way through. On rare occasions that can be a cool thing. On rare occasions... That's what I think.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 October, 2005 18:16  

I love it. Thanks

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 October, 2005 22:56  

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