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Thursday, October 06, 2005

love this doll

i've been jonesing for some jeanette.
i need a fix - now!
click jeanette here

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 October, 2005 16:29  

i have the italian 7"
JEANETTE: "por que te vas?" ....

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 October, 2005 16:32  

great stuff. do you know if there's a jeanette cd?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 October, 2005 22:19  

the good news is yes there is! i bought one recently from ebay for £1 !!!!

I know that Corazon De Poeta is available through Amazon.

Get buying!!!!

By Blogger mordi, at 07 October, 2005 09:51  

jeanette did this great colaboration with spanish singer miqui puig in 2003:


and perform live a special version of 'callate niña' in the 20 anniversary of the magazine rockdeluxe in 2004:


and she´s working in new songs!!!

a big fan of blowupdoll

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 October, 2005 11:46  

thanks sooo much!

I'm looking forward to her new stuff!

By Blogger mordi, at 07 October, 2005 17:37  

cool, i will (get buying)! Thanks :)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 October, 2005 04:35  

I love her too!!! Did you know that she was born in england (Wembley)? and raised in the US?
She lived in Barcelona when started his career in the late 60's, in the milestone band Pic-Nic (a must for any lover of the so-called soft rock or sunshine pop). in 1967 they had a huge hit in Spain "cállate niña" but the band splitted in 1968... Later, in 1970, he started a solo career that lasted until the 80's, but the essential stuff are the recordings for the Hispavox label. As far as I know, the best CD available is a 2CD set on the Rama Label, with complete recordings from Pic-Nic to his early solo work. The sound is neat and include complete booklets with pics and very insteresting liner notes.

Long live Jeannette!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 October, 2005 21:16  

I absolutely love that babe! Got all of her records!

By Blogger Riquet, at 25 November, 2005 10:25  

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