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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

new doll - enjoy!

nutty + belgian + parler en francais + jollyness + handclaps + an accordian = dollicious tune that you'll just love!
click an pierle here

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mordi i think i love you!

i'm french and i've found on your blog songs i was lookink for for ages!

and this version of "il est 5h..." is amazing!

By Blogger petite.clem, at 07 September, 2005 15:36  

Actually, I don't want to spoil te fun (and by the way, I think this blog is stupendous fun, what with all these great great songs one has never heard before) but An is Belgian and we are very proud of her (belgium not exactly being the cultural mekka as far as great music is concerned)


BArt from Belgium

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 September, 2005 19:47  

Thanks Bart, changed it!

By Blogger mordi, at 07 September, 2005 20:02  

Fantastic Mordi, merci beaucoup! You realise this is a Jacques Dutronc cover though? Girls always do kickass versions of his songs, I wonder why he didn't work with more female artists like Gainsbourg did... Have you ever heard Vanessa Paradis' version of Les Cactus? Formidable!

By Blogger Tom K, at 08 September, 2005 09:40  

wow, what a brilliant version. she's tops! thanks mordi!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 September, 2005 12:53  

had the chance to meet her once while I was working at fucking Fnac.

Top Belgian notch makes me carresser mon âme séparatiste-modelliste (Anouck!)

one funny fact: An Pierlé's performing trademark while playing the piano, was/is sitting on this kind of ergonomic blown-up plastic ball.

can't go wrong, blow up doll.

By Blogger sir edward verward, at 13 September, 2005 13:44  

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