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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

russian dolls

they were fake lesbians. they were exploited russian teenagers. they shamed themselves at the eurovision. yet somehow, they still managed to make some brilliant music.
click t.A.T.u. here

6 comment(s):

Just got a great cover of this by German Rockgrass band The BossHoos.

By Blogger Mick Flynn Images, at 16 August, 2005 19:57  

That should have been BossHoss.

By Blogger Mick Flynn Images, at 16 August, 2005 19:58  

You know they have a new album coming out, right?

There's a new video, even.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2005 02:28  

I know!
check out the video here:


By Blogger mordi, at 18 August, 2005 13:17  

They were supposed to have an anime series (or movie) coming out, but it sort of got lost in the shuffle, and I haven't heard anything about it in a while.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2005 08:28  

very funny to find them here -)

By Blogger tm, at 14 September, 2005 15:47  

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